Caravan for Peace, Life, and Justice

“Caravan for Peace, Life, and Justice” was an unprecedented mobilization of people that embarked on a journey through Central and North America to call attention to the multiple intersecting issues surrounding the global war on drugs. This initiative has created platforms for civil society actors to support victims of drugs and violence from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Canada, and the United States.

Organized by Global Exchange in collaboration with community activists and human rights organizations, the ultimate goal of this campaign was to accompany the victims to the UN General Assembly’s Special Session (UNGASS) on Drugs, to intervene and generate a debate at the international level to treat drug policy under a public health and scientific lens.

LocationSan Francisco, CAYear2014-2016SkillsCinematography + Editing

“We are not here to say ‘yes, continue to consume drugs’, that is not our role, rather we are here to expose policies that are supposedly against drugs, but rather are a pretext to repress poor people.”

Alejandro Solalinde, religious leader.

“As the caravan advances forward, and pays witness and lives (this tragedy), it is planting the seeds so that the victims or families of victims understand that they are not just victims, they are active humans, capable of action.”

Adolfo Gilly, historian.